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This page posts a rotating selection of metaphysical essays, columns, articles and blogs all written by Erin Lassell.

A Whisper Away was first published on my blog, Clairvoyant Impressions.

A Whisper Away

Like many other children of my time, I first learned of the Holocaust when I read The Diary of Anne Frank sometime in the early 70’s. I was heartbroken.  It was difficult book to recover from. Being a young reincarnation believer, I hoped that Anne Frank had reincarnated and was presently living a full life unencumbered by the evils of WWII.

Even though I believed Anne Frank might be presently living again(unrecognizable to anyone besides herself because of being born into a new body), and that it made chronological sense, it was horrifying to me to conceptualize that WWII, the war Anne Frank had died in, was just a short while ago. I was sure it had been so long ago that there would be no remnants of it left in modern society.  Like slavery, I thought no one would carry on those barbaric beliefs now.  Who would do that?!

You’ll be relieved to hear I finished my formal education and have been filled in on the facts of history and sociological divides.  I now have my dates straight.  WWII and slavery were not that long ago.  And the psychic energy from those times is always just a whisper a way from materializing again.

This isn’t a blog about Anne Frank. It is a blog on a book written by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, Beyond the Ashes Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust.  In Rabbi Gershom’s book he shares stories of real people who remember being killed in the Holocaust in a past life. These people have both reincarnated as Jews and non-Jews. As a religious scholar, Rabbi Gershom explains that reincarnation can be complimentary not contrary, to Judaism and Christianity.  He has counseled hundreds of people who, upon sharing their past life holocaust death memories with him have been able to heal and move forward.* 

Although I don’t share a passion for religion like Rabbi Gershom (I read the book for the reincarnation factor), he is clearly very intelligent and writes beautiful, eloquent prose. I am better off having learned about Judaism alongside his unique post WWII reincarnation stories.

From a clairvoyant’s perspective I would like to add to the conversation Yonassan Gershom has started.  Not in my practice, but in life, using my clairvoyance I have seen a few people who I think were Nazi war criminals in WWII. Their past life clings to them more than most past lives, like a thick shadow superimposing over their physical body and energy aura.  These are the people I believe fled Germany and committed suicide instead of facing war crimes. They wanted to be unrecognizable so badly, they choose early death and subsequent reincarnation to avoid being seen.  But I can see them anyway.  I just wish the Simon Wiesenthal Center could see them too and that the statute of limitations didn’t run out in between lifetimes.

For the reincarnated Nazi war criminal, not only is the clairvoyant image of their past life visible, their present life desires betray who they really are.  They crave a position of authority where they can step over people for a quick rise to the top.  They think they should instantly have whatever they want and be able to grab wealth they didn’t earn and doesn’t belong to them. They are drawn to energy work but always for the wrong reason, and they are never to blame for anything, ever.  Everyone else is in their way and it goes without saying, their past life shadow is unmistakably German circa 1939-1945.

Whereas most people who have past life recall don’t remember too much, reincarnated Nazi’s remember everything about their time in the Third Reich and yearn for it, but they are forced not to outwardly affiliate with anti-Semitism in their present life for fear of being caught.

Reincarnated Nazi war criminals are only one lifetime removed from their rise to power. They feel like they are so close they can taste it and want it back desperately.  They haven’t yet realized they are hopelessly stuck with a past they don’t want to get rid of. 

 *Rabbi Gershom and I would probably differ on how quickly people heal from trauma.