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An Open Mind is a 75 page, $10 book containing a collection of metaphysical essays by Erin Lassell.

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A School for Self & Energy Awareness

Excerpt from: Introduction

Clairvoyance provides a much bigger microscope to study the world with than a pair of physical eyes and ears, yet in all my studies I have never concluded that the energy realm defies the laws of physics, ethics, or commonsense. It is neither a simpleton’s world full of all things positive and pretty nor a world of out of control evil to which we must submit to survive.

If you are new to metaphysics, keep in mind that these essays are written without cajoling to the skeptic. If you aren’t a novice I hope that are able to keep an open mind while reading material that isn’t laced with current pervasive metaphysical doctrine

Excerpt from the essay: Clairvoyance The Great Equalizer

In spite of being around for as long as can be remembered, clairvoyance remains a mostly ignored faction of society. Clairvoyance still maintains its existence on the fringes of the mainstream waiting for credibility.

The fact that there are so few good clairvoyants is a possible explanation for the historical lack of popularity. Psychologically disturbed, narcissistic cult leaders who rob their followers of money, dignity and sometimes their lives, obviously do their part to de-popularize metaphysical philosophies. Less grand, but just as affective at displacing clairvoyance out of the mainstream, are the charlatans who take money for dispensing false hope disguised as psychic advice. But all good ideas suffer disgrace from their anti-social following and most survive the subverting. The real reason clairvoyance is not integrated into everyday cultures is because it brings truth and power and clarity into the hands of those who use it well. It is the greatest equalizer.

Excerpt for the essay: May You Still Feel Small When You Stand Beside The Ocean

On the journey towards self empowerment I've seen many people make many mistakes, but none so immediately starts reversing the spiritual process as arrogance. Recognizing the difference between a person being sure of themselves and a person being full of themselves is imperative. If you are standing in nature and you don't feel small your "spiritual" path is corrupting your sense of awe and wonder. You are not gaining self knowledge and power, you are feeding a delusion. A person feeding their own delusion is dangerous. Upholding their aberration cannot be done in a vacuum, so as many people as possible are pulled towards their ego's gravitation field and entangled in the fantasy. Interrupting someone else's free will is an everyday occurrence. Their own lifetimes are spent moving backwards and many people are abused in the process.

Excerpt from the essay: The Reincarnation of Myra

Myra should have come with a warning label, but in the current system of reincarnation-as far back as anyone can remember-there has never been such an admonishment. Each lifetime brings some history but each participate gets another chance to get it right. Even Myra had another chance. She had all of her childhood to find some connection, however weak, with the greater good, but she never did. Even as she gained mental composure with her childhood coming to an end, she still chose to relinquish a slow honest spiritual life for the dark side of power and the corruption of revenge. Instead she began devising her specialty of manipulating authority to condemn the true victim. Rallying support to make the innocent look guilty provided her with an excellent replacement for a spiritual connection. As she aged and perfected her routine, her pursuits grew relentless, hounding her targets until their reputation was obliterated beyond recognition, or they broke or even died. Then she sued them or their estate, in all her proclamation of victimhood, in an effort to consume everything they had created. When it was over she justified her cash flow by pretending she had forgotten where it had come from, like she had earned it herself.

Excerpt for the essay: The Art of Moving Forward

The miracle of modern medicine makes it possible to restore flow to physically damaged areas without the use of energy healing skills. But the kinds of illnesses we all need more education about: broken hearts, low self-esteem, lack of desire, thinking errors, traumatic memories, and character flaws to name a few, are the kinds that are not seen or stored in the physical body. They are stored in the energy body.

What is the energy body? It is the part of us that holds and defines our humanity. Dissecting the physical body reveals our biological life. Dissecting the energy body reveals the myriad of intricacies that make up the simple yet complicated juxtaposition of our human identity. The energy body contains emotion, imagination, joy, motivation, possibilities, integrity, creativity, desire, dreams, etc. It is also in the energy body where these positive attributes can be wounded and these wounds can form into blocks.